Open Doors comes to your home and assesses the rooms you are looking to change from a comprehensive design perspective. We take into account furniture size and placement, lighting, window treatments, traffic flow and more. Then we go to work rearranging items, positioning artwork and accessories, and incorporating furnishings from other rooms to create a brilliant new look.

Open Doors charges a flat per room fee, based on the size of the room, regardless of how long it takes to do the job.  When it is completed, you receive a detailed, written redecorating plan for each room.


Smart shopping

Open Doors can help you avoid expensive mistakes.  We can shop for—or with—you and know where to find the best home goods and prices for your needs.


Color consulting

Deciding what to paint a room based on a paint chip, or buying a sofa strictly by looking at a swatch of fabric can be overwhelming.  Open Doors has the experience to help you select colors that create the feeling you want your home to evoke.


Staging for resale

95 percent of staged homes sell in 29 days or less* and staging can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. Open Doors provides a professional makeover to help prepare your home for sale that could include our Redecorating, Smart Shopping and Color Consulting services.

* Homes staged by Accredited Staging Professionals and compiled by