I love this painting.  My mother, Jan, painted it for me at a turning point in my life when I received my Master’s Degree. She said the “open door” was her way of reminding me to always be open to new possibilities in life.  She knew that I would love the tranquil blue, the sun-warmed adobe brick and the promise of what lay beyond.

Mom loved to decorate—or “redecorate”—and was my first teacher in the art of using what you have and what you love to create a beautiful home.  She is the inspiration for Open Doors Home Design.

* * *

Laura Nordstrom is a Certified Interior Redecorator and a member of the Interior Redecorators Network.  She is an Accredited Staging Professional and member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).  She serves as Treasurer of the IAHSP Boston Regional Chapter. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Colby College and a Master’s Degree from Bentley University.